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Elementals N is a highly concentrated nitrogen solution for saltwater aquariums for individual compensation of existing nitrogen deficits.

Elementals N consists of a nitrogen- and micronutrient mixture of inorganic and organic nitrogen source. 

The special composition increases and stabilizes the biological availability of different nitrogen in the aquarium The important aquarium biology and corals are fully supplied. The important nutrient ratio N:P 1:100 can be precisely adjusted.

Elementals N is highly concentrated and suitable for all aquariums, especially during the start of a reeftank or when nutrients are limited.   

1ml per 100 l increases the nitrate content by 1 mg/l.

Maximum daily dose: + 2 mg/l.

Elementals N is a high purity nitrogen solution used for compensating nitrogen deficiencies in reef aquariums.

With ELEMENTALS element solutions you obtain a cheap and easy possibility of dosing used up elements individually  in your reef-tank


1ml per 100L will increase Nitrate content by 1mg/l

Maximum daily dose: +2mg/l