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The Fauna Marin Reefbuster is THE multi-tool for all reef aquarists!

The Reefbuster is the perfect tool for all reef aquarists. Whether you want to feed your reef with granulated or frozen coral food, or to clean detritus or algae from coral sticks – all this is possible with the Reefbuster.

  • Up to 50cm length
  • Removable silicone ball – for powerful cleaning
  • Transparent acrylic glass tube with quantity display
  • High-quality food-safe material and processing
  • Cleaning brush

All parts are very strong and durable and have been tested for use in seawater.
Easy cleaning of all parts with the enclosed cleaning brush or simply in the dishwasher.
The Fauna Marin Reefbustrer is the must-have for every successful aquarist!