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This probiotic filtration method combines effective nutrient reduction and ease of operation for use in tight spaces.

Fauna Marin Redupellet filters provide a simple and effective tool for nutrient control in aquariums and ponds. Thanks to the special design and high quality pellets NPO Pellets, this setup is efficient and cost effective.

Fauna Marin Redupellets consist of a 100% biodegradable biopolymer that has been specially developed for nutrient reduction. Additionally, it also finds application in the treatment of drinking water. Fauna Marin Redupellets promote the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to create a controlled nitrogen cycle in the filter system. The bacteria feed from the pellets and nutrients from the aquarium. Continued usage will help with Nitrogen and phosphate reduction thereby preventing the growth of algae and increasing bacterioplankton production for feeding corals.

  • Super effective nitrate and phosphate reduction
  • Crystal clear water, even at high stocking densities
  • Nutrients are converted into bacterioplankton
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Suffice 25-30ml pellets per 100 liters of water quantity as special pellets extremely high density
  • Very low carbon emission, so controlled nutrient decomposition
  • absolutely reefsafe
  • Suitable for ponds and aquariums
  • Extremely effective

Preparation of pellets

Water the required amount of pellets for 24 hours in tap water or douse them with boiling water and let it then for 2 hours in the water.

Unused pellets should be completely dried, otherwise they cannot be reused.

We recommend to use the REDU PELLETS with the special Fauna Marin Pellets Filter.
Avoid leaving the feed pump off for more than 8 hours. Doing so will result in the pellets decomposing. It is very important that the returning water drains on the side walls of the filter.
Correct circulation results in Oxygen enriched water, which has been depleted during the nutrient degradation.

Operating function

The starting dose is 20-30ml per 100 liters of aquarium volume and can be slowly increased as required up to 100ml / 100 liters.

After a few days, a slight cloudiness of the aquarium water can set that after a few days usually disappears on its own.

After about 10-21 days, the first nutrient reductions can already be measured. At the latest after about 8-12 weeks significant nutrient reductions to the animals should be visible.

Meanwhile suddenly increased or abnormally high readings can be ignored - the pellet filtering can affect water tests under certain circumstances and temporarily result in erroneous values.

Within no more than 3-4 months, the water values commute a low level. Fauna Marin Redu Pellets here make for a slow and steady reduction of phosphate and nitrate. The further decrease the

values in the system, the slower working of the filter.

Through the process of nutrient degradation also reduces the volume of the pellets. Because of their high density are NPO Redupellets, but only very slowly and you need significantly fewer pellets than most offered products. Fill degraded pellets after regularly. Proceed as when you restart it, and watering the pellets before use.



Do I still need to do water changes?

You will still need to perform water changes. Filtering on pellets does not replace the conventional

water treatment, e.g. by regular water changes. Water changes will not only remove nutrients and

inhibitors, but also added trace elements and organic components, which are also important for the

growth of bacteria. Even with pellet filter we advise you to a weekly water change of 10%.

I found individual pellets in the filter tank? Is this bad?

By removing the pellets, some pellets are very small and can be flushed out of the filter in spite of

the protective screen. If this happens, siphon it out during the next water change.

Why do I measure increased nutrient values?

The abrasion of the bacteria and the possible presence of nitrite water tests can be irritated. This

usually happens in the first 2-3 months after initiation of pellet filtering. Look beside the measured

water values whatsoever on the condition of the animals - they grow well, there is no reason for


Why can I not measure any reduction in nutrients?

Either the filter process is not yet in full swing, or the current nutrient inputs is too high, or the tests

still show incorrect values (s. Above). In older aquaria, often large nutrient deposits have formed,

which can be reduced only after some time.

Check your tests with Fauna Marin Multi Reference and pay attention to the correct positioning of

the filter.

You can also have a phosphate-heat test. The application of ozone, UV, and certain medications can reduce the effectiveness of the bacteria on the pellets. In such a case we are happy to advise you individually.

How many pellets are consumed on a regular basis?

In an average 1000 gallon aquarium 500 ml pellets per year are consumed.
Depending on stocking rate, this amount can vary.

Some animals aren’t reacting well – what is the reason?

Through the proliferation of bacteria on the pellets different trace substances are consumed.
Creates a lack of these, anemones and leather corals can react with a loss of color. In this case, you can
replace the missing elements by dosing Ultra Organic.